Direct ordering is totally ok.

Order your personalized ok.– Prepaid VISA or ok.– Prepaid MasterCard.

Order your direct card and charge it with cash in the amount of your choice at more than 1'000 sales points of k kiosk, Press & Books or avec in Switzerland. Unlike the card which you can obtain at every sales point, you may charge the direct ok.– Prepaid VISA or ok.– Prepaid MasterCard with more than CHF 2'500.–. This is a personalized card, issued in your personal name.

Order it here

Please fill in and sign the card application form and send with a copy of an ID (driving license, ID card, alien’s resident permit) to Corner Banca SA, Cornèrcard, Via Canova 16, 1900 Lugano


This card gives you access to Onlineaccess (online services of Cornèrcard, and to Mobileaccess (mobile services of Cornèrcard, direct access to mobile phone).


Please Note: With the ok.– Prepaid VISA or the ok.– Prepaid MasterCard, which has your name printed on it, different Conditions and General Conditions of Participation apply than with the non-personalised ok.– cards.


To switch from a non-personalized card to a personalized ok.– Prepaid VISA or ok.– Prepaid MasterCard, please fill in an application form.